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See also set dance #6, slow air #16

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T:Blackbird, The
R:set dance
H:See also #6, and slow air#16
D:Bothy Band: Out of the Wind, into the Sun
dc|:B2Bd c2Bc|AGFG ABcA|d^cde d=cAF|GAGF D2DE|FEFG A2 (3gfe|
d2de dcAF|1 [M:3/2] GAGF D2 (3DDD D2dc:|2 [M:3/2] GAGF D2 (3DDD D2de||
|: [M:C|] fede fdgd|abag fgaf|g2gf gbaf|gagf d^cde|
fede fdgd|abag fgaf| [M:3/2] gagf d2d^c defg|
[M:C|] a2ag fgaf|g2ge f2fe|dcAG ABcd|efge a2z2|A2AB AGFD|
c2 (3edc dcAF|1 [M:3/2] GAGF D2 (3DDD D2de:|2 [M:3/2] GAGF D2 (3DDD D2||
dc|: [M:C|] BGBd cABG|ABAG AB (3cBA|~d3e dcAF|GBAF D2DE|(3FED FG A2fe|
d2d^c d=cAF|1 [M:3/2] GBAF D2CE D2dc:| [M:3/2] GBAF D2CE D2de||
|: [M:C|] fede (3faf (3gag|abag fg (3agf|g2gf gbag|fgfe d^cde|
fede f2g2|~a3g fg (3agf| [M:3/2] gagf d2 (3ed^c defg|
[M:C|] abag fgaf|gage effe|dcAB cBcd|efgb a2z2|ABAG FGAB|
cBce dcAF|1 [M:3/2] GBAF D2CE D2de:|2 [M:3/2] GBAF D2CE D2||

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