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See also carolan #14, set dance #7

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T:Princess Royal
R:set dance
S:Jonas Lindholm
H:A set dance version of the O'Carolan tune, carolan#14.
H:Related to "Rodney's Glory", #7
ed|:c2B2 A2e=f|edcB A2 (3e^fg|^f2d2 d2e=f|edcB c2BA|
B2g2 B2cB|ABAG E2ed|c2 (3ABc BAGB|1 A2AG A2ed:|2 A2AG ABcd||
|:eaag a3b|aged e3d|(3efg (3fga gfge|dcBA G2AB|
c2Bc d2cd|efge a3g|f2A2 f2gf|e2 (3ABc d2ed|
c2 (3BcB ABcd|e2E2 E2ed|c2 (3ABc BAGB|1 A2AG ABcd:|2 A2AG A2||

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