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See also fling #13, reel #170

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T:High Road to Linton, The
T:Jenny's Gone to Linton
S:Annsofi Jonsson
H:This is the Scottish 4-part version
H:See also fling#13 "Kitty Got a Clinking Coming from the Fair"
H:See also Irish 2-part version, #170
ceef a2ae | f2fe a2ae | ceef a2ae | faec B2A2 :|
|: cee=g fddf | ecce fBBd | cee=g fddf | ecac B2A2 :|
|: a2a2 efa2 | efae faef | a2a2 efae | faec B2A2 :|
|: c2ec defd | c2ec BcdB | c2ec defg | afec B2A2 :|

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