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See also reel #308, reel #53, reel #54

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T:Rakish Paddy
H:The tune comes from the Scottish tune "Cabar Feidh" (The Deer's Antlers).
H:It is related to "The Copperplate", #308.
H:Two Donegal versions. See also #53, #54.
D:Paddy Glackin: In Full Spate.
D:Altan:Harvest Storm.
P:version 1
|:cded c2Bc|AcGc AD~D2|Add^c ~d3e|fd (3efg fded|
cded c2Bc|AcG=F EDCE|DCDE =FAdB|1 cAGc ADDB:|2 cAGc ADgf||
|:efgb (3agf gf|gagf edce|d2ad bdaf| [1 abag fedf|
efgb (3agf gf|gagf edce|defg abaf|g2ag fddf:|
[2 abag fedB|c2gc acge|gagf edce|defg abaf|g2ag fdAB||
P:version 2
|:cded c2Bd|cAGc AD~D2|Add=c Adeg|fd (3efg fded|
c2Bd cdBd|cAG=F EDCE|DCDE =FAdB|1 cAGc ADDB:|2 cAGc ADgf||
|:efgb (3agf gf|gagf edce|d2~d2 bdad|abag ed (3Bcd|
efgb (3agf gf|gagf edce|afge dfed|1 cBcG EDgf:|2 cBcG EDD2||

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