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See also reel #392, reel #559, reel #567, highland #10, reel #75

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T:Gravel Walk, The
T:Gravel Walks, The
H:Belongs to the "Highlander Kissed His Granny" family.
H:Other related tunes are "John Stenson's" #392
H:"The Jolly Seven" #559, "The Highlandman That Kissed His Granny" #567,
H:"The Highlandman" highland#10
H:The last part is sometimes singled. See also Jenny's Chickens, #75
D:Paddy Glackin: Ceol ar an bhFidil le Paddy Glackin.
D:Matt Molloy: Stony Steps.
A2eA BAeA|A2eA BAGB|A2eA (3Bcd ef|gedc BAGB:|
|:A2aA gAfA|A2eA BAGB|1 A2aA gAfa|gedc BAGB:|2 ABcd efga|gedc BAGB||
|:cAAG ~A3B|cA~A2 dBGB|cAAG A2ef|gedc BAGB:|
|:c2gc acgc|c2ec BAGB|c2gc acga|gedc BAGB|
c2gc acgc|c2dc BAGB|1 ABcd efga|gedc BAGB:|2 Aa~a2 agef|gedc BAGB||
|:A2eA BAeA|A2eA dBGB|A2eA (3Bcd ef|gfge dBGB:|
|:A2aA gAfA|A2eA dBGB|1 A2aA gAfa|gedc BAGB:|2 ABcd efga|gedc BAGB||
|:(3cBA BG ~A3B|cBAe dBGB|cAAG (3ABc (3def|gfge dBGB:|
|:c2gc acgc|c2ge dBGB|c2gc acga|gedc BAGB|
c2gc acgc|c2ge dBGB|1 ABcd efga|gedc BAGB:|2 Aa~a2 agef|gfge dBGB||

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