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See also reel #313, reel #75

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T:Seán is Sinéad
T:Jack and Jill
S:From tape of Tony Linnane and others, Feakle 1987
H:An unusual version of "Seán sa Cheo" (#313).
H:See also CRE II no. 297.
H:Also related to "Jenny's Chicken's", #75
e2dg eABd|(3efe dg dGBd|egdg eAAd|Bdgd BGBd:|
cA~A2 cABd|cAAd BGBd|cA~A2 EAcA|BGBc dfed|
cA~A2 cABd|cA~A2 gGBd|cA~A2 agfa|gfge defg||
agae ceAf|gfgd Bdgb|agae ceAc|(3Bcd gd BAAa|
eaae ceAf|gfge defg|afge fded|Bdgb afge||
fedf eA~A2|gedf (3efg fa|fedf eAAd|(3BcB gb afge|
fedf eA~A2|gedf (3efg fg|afge fded|Bdgb afgf||

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