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See also reel #917, jig #211

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T:Clumsy Lover, The
C:Neil Dickie, Scotland
H:Usually played in Amix, sometimes in Dmix, #917. Also as a jig#211.
H:Version 2 from irtrad-l, posted by Keith Elliot.
H:Version 3 from irtrad-l, posted by Caroline Foty.
ce~e2 fece|df~f2 gfed|ce~e2 fece|dBBA ~B3d|
ce~e2 fedc|df~f2 gfed|ceec dfed|cAAG A2AB:|
|:c2ec acec|d2fd adfd|c2ec acec|d2Bc dedB|
c2ac acac|d2ad adad|ceec dfed|cAAG A2AB:|
P:Version 2:
|:ceef ecBA|dffd afdf|ceef ecBA|d2Bc decB|
ceef ecBA|dffd gfed|ceec dBGB|BAAB A2ed:|
|:ceea aecA|dAdf afdf|ceea aecA|d2Bc decB|
ceea aecA|dAdf afdf|ceec d2GB|BAAB A2ed:|
|:ceec eece|dffd ffdf|ceec eece|dBBc decB|
ceec eece|dffd ffdf|ceec d2GB|BAAB A2ed:|
|:caae aecA|daad aAde|caae aecA|d2Bc decB|
caae aecA|daad aAda|ceec d2GB|BAAB A2ed:|
|:ceeA e2Ae|d3f gfed|ceeA e2Ae|dBBc decB|
ceeA e2Ae|d3f gfed|ceec d2GB|BAAB A2ed:|
|:caac aaca|daad aada|caac aaca|Baca daea|
caac aaca|daaf aada|ceec d2GB|BAAB A2ed:||
P:Version 3:
|:ceef ecBA|dffd gfed|ceef ecBA|d2Bc d2cB|
ceef ecBA|dffd gfed|ceec d2dB|BAAB A3d:|
|:ceea aecA|dAdf afdf|ceea aecA|d2Bc d2cB|
ceea aecA|dAdf afdf|ceec d2dB|BAAB A3d:|
|:ceeA e2cA|d2f g2 fed|ceeA e2cA|d2Bc d2cB|
ceeA e2cA|d2f g2 fed|ceec d2dB|BAAB A3d:|
|:ceac aaca|dfad aadf|ceac aace|d2Bc d2cB|
ceac aaca|dfad aadf|ceec d2dB|BAAB A3d:|

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