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T:Return to Camden Town
T:Return from Camden Town
D:Skylark: Raining Bicycles
E2DG EA,~A,2|EDCD EGAB|cBcd edeg|aged cABG|
E2DG EA,~A,2|EDCD EGAB|cBcd edeg|1 aged cA~A2:|2 aged cAAB||
|:c2ec gcec|c2ec dcAB|cBcd edeg|aged cAAB|
c2ec gcec|c2ec dcAB|cBcd edeg|1 aged cAAB:|2 aged cA~A2||
P:Version 2:
|:E2DE CA,~A,2|EDCD EGAB|cBcd edeg|aged cABG|
E2DE CA,~A,2|EDCD EGAB|cBcd edeg|1 aged cA~A2:|2 aged cAAB||
|:c2gc acgc|c2gc BAGB|cBcd edeg|aged cAAB|
c2gc acgc|c2gc BAGB|~A3B cdeg|aged cA~A2:|
P:Version 3 (single):
E2DG EA,~A,2|EDCD EGAB|c2cd ed (3efg|agfd cABG|
EGDG EA,~A,2|EDCD EGAB|c2cd ed (3efg|agfd cAAB||
c2gc acgc|c2ge dcAB|cBcd ed (3efg|agfd cAAB|
c2gc acgc|c2ge dcAG|~A3B cd (3efg|agfd cABG||

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