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See also reel #397

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T:Swallow's Tail, The
T:Swallowtail Reel, The
H:See also #397
gf|:eA (3cBA eA (3cBA|edef gedB|G2 (3BAG dGBG|(3Bcd ef g2fg|
eA (3cBA eA (3cBA|edef g2fg|afge dBGB|1 AcBG A2gf:|2 AcBG A2Bd||
|:eaag abag|edef gedB|G2BG dGBG|(3Bcd ef g2fg|
eaag abag|edef g2fg|afge dBGB|1 AcBG A2Bd:|2 AcBG A2||
P:2nd version:
gf|:eA (3^cBA eA (3cBA|Bdef gedB|G2 (3BAG dGBG|(3B^cd ef gafg|
eA (3^cBA eA (3cBA|Bdef g2fg|afge fded|1 cABG A2gf:|2 cABG A2Bd||
|:eaab aged|^cdef gedB|G2BG dGBG|(3B^cd ef gafg|
eaab aged|^cdef g2fg|afge fded|1 cABG A2Bd:|2 cABG A2||

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