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T:Jackie Donnan's Mazurka
T:Barnacle, The
T:Spanish Mazurka, The
H:A version appears in Roche's collection as "The Barnacle" Redowa
dB|:A2 AF AB|d2 dB df|e2 ed ef|a2 af ef|
A2 AF AB|d2 dB df|e2 ed ef|1 d2 dB dB:|2 d2 dA de||
|:f2 fe de|f2 fe df|e2 ec Ac|e2 e2 de|
f2 fe de|f2 fe df|a2 fd ef|d2 d2 Ad:|
|:f2 f2 ef|d2 d2 dc|B2 BA FA|dB BA FA|
f2 f2 ef|d2 d2 af|e2 ed ef|1 d2 d2 Ad:|2 d2 d2||

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