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See also jig #67, jig #206, jig #202

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T:Frost is all over, The
H:See also #67, #206
H:There is another tune by the same name: #202
H:Comes from the English tune "Hey to the Camp"
D:Paul McGrattan: The Frost is all over
def edc|dAF GFE|DFA DFA|Bcd edc|
def edc|dAF GFE|DFA DFA|1 Bdc d2A:|2 Bdc d2e||
~f3 afd|~g3 bag|~f3 afd|gfg efg|
~f3 afd|~g3 bag|fga efg|fdc d2e|
~f3 afd|~g3 bag|~f3 afd|~g3 e2g|
fga efg|fdB AFA|Bcd ede|fdf gfe||
|:d2f edc|dAF GFE|DFA AFA|Bcd ecA|
d2f edc|dAF GFE|DFA AFA|BAF D3:|
fef agf|gfg bge|fga agf|~g3 e2g|
fga agf|gab bag|faf ede|fdc d3|
fga agf|~g3 bge|fgf agf|gfg efg|
fga efg|fdB ~A3|Bcd efg|faf gfe||

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