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See also air #5

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T:Poll Ha'Penny
T:Paul Halfpenny
T:Garraí na bhFéileóg
H:The Irish title means "The Garden of Honeysuckles"
H:Other titles/related tunes: "Brian the Brave", "Poll/Moll/Paul Ha'Penny",
H:"Molly MacAlpine", "Molly Halpin".
H:The tune is descended from air#5
D:Mary Bergin: Feadoga Stain
D:Noel Hill agus Tony McMahon: I gCnoc na Grai
(3GAB|=cAAG A2 (3AB=c|(3d=cB (3AGF G2 (3B^cd|ed^cA d^cAG|~A3G A2de|
~f3d ~e3c|d2 (3Bcd efge|aged (3=cBA GB|~A3G A2:|
|:ef|~g3f gfef|g2ga gedg|eaag ~a3g|eaag a2ag|
~f3d ~e3c|d2 (3Bcd efge|aged (3=cBA GB|~A3G A2:|
P:Version 2:
|:AB|=cAAG A2GA|dcAF G2 (3Bcd|edcA dcAG|A2 (3AAA A2ag|
~f3d efec|d2 (3Bcd efge|agfd =cAGE|A2AG A2:|
|:ef|gfga gedB|=cdef gafg|e2a2 abag|e2a2 abag|
~f3d efec|d2 (3Bcd efge|agfd =cAGE|A2AG A2:|

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