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T:Butterfly, The
R:hop jig
C:Tommy Potts (1912-1988)
H:Fiddle player Tommy Potts made this tune from two older slip jigs,
H:one of which is called "Skin the Peelers" in Roche's collection (255).
D:Bothy Band: 1975.
B2E G2E F3|B2E G2E FED|B2E G2E FGA|B2d d2B AFA:|
|:B2c e2f g3|B2d g2e dBA|B2c e2f g2a|b2a g2e dBA:|
|:B3 B2A G2A|B3 BAB dBA|B3 B2A G2A|B2d g2e dBA:|

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