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See also slip jig #2, slip jig #33, slip jig #34

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T:Foxhunter's Jig, The
T:Nead na Lachan sa Mhuta
T:Duck's Nest in the Ditch, The
R:hop jig
H:There is also a four part version in D, slip jig#2
H:Also similar to "The Humours of Derrykissane", slip jig#33, slip jig#34
B:Roche 265
D:Chieftains Live
B3 BAB c2A | B3 dBG A2G | B3 BAB c2e | dBG G2B A2G :|
|: e3 edc Bcd | e2A A2B c2e | def gfe def | g2G G2B A2G :|
|: BcB BGB c2A | BcB BGB A2G | BcB BGB cde | dBG GAB A2G :|
|: efe edc Bcd | e2A A2B cBA | def gfe def | g2G GAB A2G :|

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