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See also slip jig #14, slip jig #45

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T:Cock and the Hen, The
R:slip jig
H:Version 2: Roche Collection 252.
H:Also in F#m, see #14. Related to #45.
~B3 BdB fef | ~B3 BdB cBA | ~B3 BdB f2g | afd edB dBA :|
|: afd def g2b | afd def edB | afd def g2e | fed edB dBA :|
P:version 2
|: BcB {c}BAB g2A | BcB {c}BAB dBA | BcB {c}BAB g2e | fed edB dBA :||: afd def g2e |
afd def gfe |1 afd def g2e | fed edB dBA :|2 a2a agf g2e | fed edB dBA ||

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