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T:Paddy Fahy's
T:Paddy Fahey's
C:Paddy Fahy
H:Sometimes played with F naturals, sometimes with F sharps.
H:Also played in D or C or even E!
D:Tommy Keane & Jacqueline McCarthy: The Wind among the Reeds
BG~G2 BdcA|BGBd cA~A2|BG~G2 Bcdg|fgaf gedc|
BG~G2 BdcA|BGBd cA~A2|BG~G2 Bcdg|1 fgaf ~g3z:|2 fgaf ~g3a||
|:bgag dg~g2|fdcA FGAG|bgaf gfdc|defa ~g3a|
bgag dg~g2|fdcA FGAc|BG~G2 Bcdg|1 fgaf ~g3a:|2 fgaf gedc||
|:BG~G2 BGcA|BGBd cAFA|BG~G2 Bcde|fgaf gedc|
BG~G2 BGcA|BGBd cAFA|BG~G2 Bcde|1 fgaf gedc:|2 fgaf ~g3a||
|:bgaf dgge|fdcA FGAG|bgaf gfdc|dgfa ~g3a|
bgaf dgge|fdcA FGAc|BG~G2 Bcde|1 fgaf ~g3a:|2 fgaf gedc||
P:version w F naturals
|:BG~G2 BdcA|BGBd cA=FA|BG~G2 Bcde|fgaf gedc|
BG~G2 BdcA|BGBd cA=FA|BG~G2 Bcde|1 fgaf gedc:|2 fgaf ~g3a||
|:bgaf dgge|=fdcA =FGA2|bgaf gfdc|dgfa ~g3a|
bgaf dgge|=fdcA =FGAc|BG~G2 Bcde|1 fgaf ~g3a:|2 fgaf gedc||

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